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MQL MEETINGS 2022-2023


Sun 11th September 2022 (online)

Sun 11th December 2022 (online)

Sun 26th March 2023 (online) 

Sun 25th June 2023 (online)


Sun 16th April 2023 (online)

All online meetings commence at 7.30 pm

All face to face meetings held at Old Swan Club, commencing at 8.00 pm

AGENDA FOR most recent/next mEETING

Agenda for the Council Meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues to be held online
on Sunday 26th June 2022 at 7:30 pm

1        Apologies 

2        Minutes of the last Meeting

3        Matters Arising

4        Chairman’s Report

5        General Secretary’s Report

6        Treasurer’s Report 

7        Assistant General Secretary’s Report

8        Area Reports 

  9        Clarification of AGM Voting rules 
In case I have misunderstood the intention.  At an AGM, after the Election of Officials, voting is simply one vote per team present at the meeting.  Meaning that elected and ex-officio officers do not also have a vote.

10        Confirmation of 2022-23 season dates and/or venues 
o    President’s Trophy 
Wed 05 Oct 2022
Wed 26 Oct 2022
Wed 30 Nov 2022
Wed 25 Jan 2023
Wed 01 Mar 2023
Will the competition remain online?
o    President’s Shield
Wed 28 Sep 2022
Wed 19 Oct 2022
Wed 02 Nov 2022
Wed 23 Nov 2022
Wed 07 Dec 2022
Wed 18 Jan 2023
Wed 22 Feb 2023
Wed 15 Mar 2023
A competition secretary needs to be appointed.  Should the competition be played F2F or as a hybrid where some rounds online and some F2F?
o    MCC 
Wed 12 Oct 2022
Wed 09 Nov 2022
Wed 14 Dec 2022
Wed 08 Feb 2023
Wed 08 Mar 2023
Shall we continue the practise of lending one player from another team or players from one other team.  Should we play online.  Should we play Swiss method.  If so what would become of the Plate?
o    Buzzer Tournament.  Sat 11 Feb 2023 (St Peter’s Centre, Liverpool)
o    Mimir Local Area Heats.  w/c Mon 13 Feb 2023.  Are six sets needed?
o    Mimir Merseyside Heats.  Wed 22 Mar 2023 (Wirral venue)
o    Presentation Evening.  Wed 17 May 2023 (Aigburth Peoples Hall, Liverpool)

11        Update on “Projects” (see Update on Projects June 2022) 
o    Online Quiz League (What would be entailed in creating this to operate alongside the MQL?)
o    Question Setting, Vetting and Trialling review (This was to include a recap of how each area produce their sets, the last opinion of the Council on the matter of external setting, any feedback on setting that I've received in the last season and some proposals about additional guidelines for setters.)
o    MQL Honours and Obituaries

12        Any Other Business

minutes of most recent council meeting

Minutes of the Council meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues held online 
on Sunday 26th June 2022 at 7.30pm

1.    In Attendance: were Jim McGrath, Brian Bates, Jon Stitcher, Bill Thomas, Frances Mason, Dag Griffiths, Derek Moody, David Hodgson, Jim Eccleson, Pam Baker, Danny Grimes, Steve Lomas and Brian Thompson 

Apologies: Angela Doyle, Angela Houghton, Cliff Houghton, Paul Davitt 
2.    Minutes of previous meeting:  These were accepted as a true record of the meeting. 

3.    Matters Arising:  There were no matters arising

4.    Chairman’s report: The Chairman, Danny Grimes, congratulated the winners of the MCC, Unison, the Merseyside Plate, Ringers and the Mimir, Jim Eccleson. 

5.    General Secretary’s report:  The General Secretary, Brian Thompson, thanked all who had been involved with various competitions.  He had little else to report that was not covered by other items on the Agenda.

6.    Treasurer’s report: Treasurer, Dag Griffiths, reported that he had received registration fees from two areas and had bought envelopes.  The balance now stood at £2706.46.  

7.    Assistant General Secretary’s report: Assistant General Secretary, Cliff Houghton, was absent but Danny Grimes thanked him for the plan for the midweek fixtures for the coming season and the dates available for league fixtures.

8.    Area reports:
Liverpool Secretary, Paul Davitt, was absent.  Danny and Frances summarised items from a recent AGM and reported that there would be 26 teams in LQL including one new team.  James MacGregor had won a very close Liverpool Mimir.  27 teams from Wirral and Liverpool had taken part in the Riley Handicap Cup and that it had been won by Monstrous Regiment.  Presentation Night had been well attended.

Ormskirk Secretary, David Hodgson, reported that one team, Whippet had folded and so there would be 16 teams playing next season.  He also reported the deaths of Dot Heyes of Wheatsheaf and Barrie Westmoreland of Whippet

Southport and Formby
S&F Secretary, Dag Griffiths, reported the death of Mike Williams of Dismounted.  S&F fixtures are now ready and will be sent to Cliff.  There will be 14 teams in the league.

Warrington Secretary, Derek Moody, reported that there will be 13 teams next season, having been re-joined by a team who dropped out due to Covid.  However, fixtures that were ready, will now have to be reworked due to a venue closure announced earlier today.

Wirral Secretary, Jim Eccleson, reported that there would be 21 teams in WQL next season.  Their fixtures were on their way to Cliff, although they still need to plan a possible KO competition at the end of the league competition.  At their AGM Pam Baker had succeeded Jon Stitcher as Chairman.  Jon will be vice-chair.

9.    Clarification of AGM Voting rules
At an AGM, after the Election of Officials, voting is simply one vote per team present at the meeting.  Meaning that elected and ex-officio officers do not also have a vote.

10.    Confirmation of 2022-23 season dates and/or venues
•    President’s Trophy
This competition will continue online.
•    President’s Shield
More responses would be needed from players and teams before a final decision can be made.  S&F would prefer to play online. Wirral were OK with either.  For the time being the General Secretary will act as competition secretary.
•    MCC
This competition will be online.  Opinion was split about format (Swiss method, Pools or straight KO) and about 2 teams sharing players in order to get more teams involved.  It was decided to put it to the teams who have played in recent seasons, then to make a decision about the competition at the next meeting.  Although we made arrangements for the writing of sets, I have subsequently received confirmation that Dave Tilley will be willing once again to set the questions for the competition.
•    Merseyside Pairs Tournament
This will be held on Wednesday 14 September 2022 at Prescot Cables FC.
•    Buzzer Tournament
The organising team have met once and will meet again this week.  A provisional date of 11 February 2023 has been agreed although there are one or two question marks over the Saint Peter’s venue that we used last time. These will hopefully be resolved in the next month.
•    Mimir Local Area Heats.  
These will be held in the week commencing Monday 13 February 2023.  Only five sets one from each area will be provided.  If an area needs another set, they must provide it themselves.
•    Mimir Merseyside Heats 
These will be played on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at a Wirral venue.
•    Presentation evening
This will be held on Wednesday 17 May 2023 at Aigburth Peoples Hall, Liverpool

11.    Update on “Projects”
Details on these projects are included in Additional Notes (below)

Online Quiz League.
There was nothing to add to what was in the notes.

Question Setting, Vetting and Trialling review 
After a discussion it was decided to have another attempt at sourcing sets from professional setters.  Learning from our experience of last time we would prepare a better Specification and take some advice on which setters to approach.  Therefore, a draft Specification was to be circulated amongst the Council for comment, before asking two or three professional setters to each write a set that could be used during the season.
There were also a few extra suggestions that were to be added to the Guidance To Question Setters, a document available on the website.

MQL Honours and Obituaries
Replies to the request for Honours beyond MQL were beginning to come in.  Brian asked secretaries to forward the email and encourage players to contribute.

12.    AOB
Bill Thomas related an awkward situation that had arisen regarding scorekeeping.  The Council asked if advice could be given to teams to informally keep check on their scores during a match and to raise any queries at the end of a round.  This will be done at the start of the season.

The meeting closed at about 8.30pm.  

Next Council meeting:      Sunday 11 September 2022 at 7.30pm online 

Additional Notes

Prepared for the Council Meeting on 26 June 2022.  These notes cover three topics 
•    Online Quiz League 
•    Update on Question Setting, Vetting and Trialling review 
•    MQL Honours and Obituaries

Online Quiz League
This was an idea to create a MQL Online League that would coexist with our existing Leagues.  The thinking behind it was threefold.  
•    Firstly, it gives the MQL an online presence and while hoping to appeal to players in the Merseyside area there is theoretically no boundary to participation.  
•    Secondly, it tries to address our ongoing concerns about recruitment.  
•    Thirdly, it would allow us to investigate the quality of professional writers and counter some of the criticisms of topic and age bias in MQL sets.

The following are some considerations in no particular order.  
•    It would run online only using Zoom (perhaps initially hosted by MQL) so teams don’t have to arrange venues
•    Played at the same time each week (perhaps early evening Monday)
•    Just a 40-minute match, no friendly
•    Questions distributed electronically and password protected
•    Questions sourced from professional writers
•    Format basically that of MQL, but variations possible including number of rounds and number of players
•    Administration issues including registration, payment of fees, scoring and collection of results, etc

•    The project would entail a lot of work an effort to get it off the ground

•    Cost of questions and administration, hence size of registration fee?
•    Is there a clientele out there?
•    Start date?
•    Would the project have the support of the MQL?
•    Who would administer?

Possible outcomes (apart from no interest at all!) 
•    Format might appeal to a new group of people that we have unsuccessfully tried to attract to conventional team quizzing.
•    In engaging professional writers, some questions could be written to appeal to a slightly younger clientele and also address some of the concerns of diversity in topics and inclusion of modern culture.
•    In the future, if we were to try using professional writers for MQL, then we would have experience of specifying the sort of questions that we want
•    Perhaps some players from MQLOnline migrate to playing F2F in MQL
•    It might enable the identification of a pool of reliable writers that could be used to augment regular MQL sets in the future

Update on Question Setting, Vetting and Trialling
This was going to be a review of the current situation regarding the writing of our MQL sets including
1.    A reminder of how each area writes and vets
2.    The most recent Council view on external setting and addressing some of the recent criticisms of sets
3.    Some additional suggestions and guidelines to those that exist (and are largely ignored!)

1.  A reminder of how each area writes and vets their sets
We are all aware that subscription to the Leagues requires the submission of a set of questions that are written by the teams.  What happens after that varies across the 5 areas and includes.
o    Circulation of sets to all teams to be played each week as a friendly.  Results and comments are returned and analysed.  Sets are amended or sometimes broken up and stored on a database to be reformed into new sets.
o    Some sets are compiled based on how questions were answered in test competitions.   
o    Sets are played by a group formed for the purpose of trying out sets.  The sets are discussed and reported upon.  They may then be returned to teams for amendment of this is done by the group.
o    Questions are supplied in loose sets that are then broken down and rewritten into sets by a question secretary
There are variations on these procedures.  The comments made when this Review was last carried out included. 
•    Sets end up inevitably being the work of a small number of people and as a result may have the same pattern and topic areas.  
•    It was clear that the writing of a set by some teams can be problematical.  Few relish the task and some do not give it the time and effort that it needs.  This results in questions that are poorly thought through and lack imagination and also sets that are produced at the last minute and inadequately tested.  
•    Many sets are, of course, perfectly fine and demonstrate care and attention.  Some areas then invest enormous time and energy into rigorously trialling, amending and compiling their sets.  
2.  The most recent Council view on External Setting
Two seasons ago, we bought in a few sets and interleaved them with our own sets.  There was little reaction from the teams (the sets were anonymised).  We looked at the scoring and any comments and concluded that there was no firm evidence either for or against their use.  It was recorded that if we were to try this again, we would need to write tighter specifications and/or to try different writers. 

However, since this was last brought up at Council many of us have had a greater opportunity to experience the work of professional writers due to our involvement in online quiz leagues.  

In my opinion, the sets that are produced by professional writers
•    Are sometimes ‘over-clued’ and include interesting detail but with a far too easy reveal in the last line
•    Often employ the QLL pattern of asking two questions regarded as very straight forward to each player
•    Can fall into the same trap as those by any writer of
o    pairing questions far too closely
o    displaying a lack of appreciation of certain knowledge areas 
•    Are more diverse in topics than the majority of MQL sets
•    Include questions that have more relevance to modern culture
•    in general, produce very close matches

In my opinion, the sets that are produced by MQL teams (post vetting)
•    because they are sometimes the work and views of a small number of people, they can be a little ‘samey’
•    demonstrate a diversity of style and to an extent of content (albeit with an older bias)
•    generally, suit the age profile of the majority of players

In conclusion, I personally have seen nothing to convince me that professional writers are any better or worse than the amateur writers/vetters of MQL.  While I appreciate the need to include questions about modern culture, these need to be introduced with care and thought.

3.  Suggestions to be added to Guidelines* (not the parts in italics!!)
(I hate using the term ‘easy’ meaning ‘a question that is very accessible to a wide number of people’, but it is so much more concise!)
•    Don’t construct your sets feeling obliged to include ‘easy’ questions.  You are writing for a clientele who are interested in quizzes, not the general public.  (If you join a football team, they don’t give you free shots at goal just because you are a beginner!)
•    When written, assess how many of your questions could have been written 3 years ago or 10 years ago or 35 years ago!  Consider amendments if too many of them perhaps reflect your own ‘comfort zone’? (Could some of those 1980s or 1990s TV, music, film, sport questions be replaced with more modern references?) 
•    You are asked to produce a set that is balanced in its severity.  This doesn’t mean that you have to produce pairs of questions on the same topic.  Admittedly it is easier to achieve a balance this way, but with care and thought it is not the only way of doing it.  When it is not done well, the answer to the second question of a pair can often be predicted or worse, it is wrong answer to the first question. 

MQL Honours and Obituaries
•    Honours 
A letter has been sent to Area Secretaries for distribution to all teams.  It opens We are trying to gather some information about Quizzing Success that you may have had beyond the MQL and hoped that you might be willing to share your details.  We are mainly after exploits on TV and Radio but success in National and International Competition would also be welcomed.  We think that this will be of interest to fellow quizzers, so please don’t be modest and give as much information as you can.  It is then hoped to compile this information and make it available on the MQL website.
•    Obituaries
The creation of an acknowledgement of the work of deceased friends and fellow players who have served the MQL over the years continues.  (  If you can help with further information, please contact the General Secretary.

minutes of most recent AGM

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Merseyside Quiz Leagues held online on Sunday 10th April 2022 (commenced at 7.30pm)


Attendees: Cliff Houghton, Angela Doyle, Angela Houghton, Derek Moody, Bill Thomas, Brian Bates, David Hodgson, Dag Griffiths, Jon Stitcher, Jim Eccleson, Jim McGrath, Frances Mason, Paul Davitt, Steve Lomas, Pam Baker, Danny Grimes and Brian Thompson representing thirteen teams and all five areas.

1. Apologies for absence.  Bill Morris, Colin Foster

2. The minutes of the previous AGM.  The minutes, having been circulated to all teams, were accepted as a true and fair record of the meeting.

3. Matters Arising.  There were no matters arising not covered by the Agenda.

4. Deputy Chairman’s Report.  Deputy Chairman, Cliff Houghton, asked for a moment’s silence for the following members and associates of the MQL who had passed away in the last year.

Bob Thurlow, Philip Gray, Bob Wilkie, Frank McFarlane, Steve Murphy, Margaret Copplestone, Frank Gracie, Dermott Williams and Brian Glover

He reported that the Leagues had returned to some sort of normality and that a large number of regular activities had or were about to happen.  He thanked all Officers and members of the Council for their part in making this happen.

5. General Secretary’s Report. 

All the events of the past year have been overshadowed by the deaths of two long-standing members of the MQL. Firstly, in December we lost Bob Wilkie who had been a member of the Leagues since the mid-1970s and a member of the Council for almost all that time.  He only recently stood down from his role as question distributor, a task that he had carried out for over 40 years.

In the week that Bob passed away, our Chairman, Frank McFarlane was taken seriously ill and despite fighting hard for two months he died in February. At 16 years, Frank was to date the longest serving Chairman of the MQL. An incredibly determined individual in many different spheres of activity who never let his disability prevent him from becoming involved or making an impact. I, and I am sure Cliff before me, always appreciated his wise and steady advice. They will both be greatly missed.

At the time of the last AGM, we were still in partial lockdown. The online quiz leagues in Southport and in Ormskirk were drawing to a close, although MQLOnline would operate into late June.  Congratulations here perhaps to the Ringers team from Warrington who won all three seasons of MQLOnline.

Although most of the 2020-21 league season was cancelled, we introduced the Merseyside Online Challenge to replace the Merseyside Challenge Cup, and this was won by Unison. The Merseyside Individual Challenge replaced the Mimir Competition, and this was won in May by Pat Gibson.

After waiting in vain to play the matches face-to-face, the finals of the 2019-2020 Merseyside Challenge Cup, Plate and Mimir were completed online and won by Colly Wobblers, Oxton Cons and Karl Whelan respectively.

Season 2021-22

With Covid conditions still uncertain, we delayed the start of the 2021-2022 season until October.  We were pleased to report that although not all teams returned, the number of teams dropping out was much smaller than was first feared.  The season began with 92 teams, the first time in over 50 years that the number of teams was less than 100. This was 12 teams fewer than had begun the season in 2019. Again, due to Covid, we decided to take a three week break in the period after Christmas and as a result although some leagues have finished others are now nearing their final stages. 

· The President’s Shield, the Feeny Cup, the Rendon Cup and the newly inaugurated Pairs competition were all postponed again. However, the President’s Trophy was played online for a second season, but that didn’t bother Ormskirk who won for the 4th successive year, with Warrington in second place. Many thanks to Dag Griffiths for taking care of this competition and to each of the areas for setting the questions.

· The Merseyside Challenge Cup returned after a one-year Covid break and was played online. 16 teams entered indicating the continued lack of interest in what is the MQL’s premiere competition. It was decided to play it as a straight knockout with an associated Plate tournament. Congratulations to Unison who defeated Hatton Yarbourie to win the Cup and to Ringers who beat Oxton in a very close Plate final. Unfortunately, one team was disqualified for fielding an ineligible player. Many thanks to Bill Thomas for administering the Competition and to Dave Tilley for once again providing excellent sets that produced some very close matches.

· The 2022 Mimir competition will get under way in the week after next when each area has decided to play its local heats face-to-face. The Merseyside Competition will be played to a conclusion, online over two nights in subsequent weeks.

· The Merseyside Diamond Jubilee Buzzer Quiz Tournament was played at Saint Peter’s Church Centre in Woolton back in October. The competition, managed by Jon Stitcher, attracted 20 teams from all round the country and was won by Team Northeast with Wirral beating Lincolnshire in their final to win the Plate. Questions were set by an MQL team of 5 writers directed by Dan Lawson. Special thanks to Dan, who is only an occasional MQL player but who wrote more than his fair share of the questions and travelled up from Cambridge to QP on the day. Having taken all possible measures in terms of Covid safety we were informed of a number of NHS pings, thankfully all of which proved negative and of one person who tested positive. We were notified about the latter 11 days after the event.

The MQL website and those of some other areas went down for scheduled maintenance in February but subsequently failed to resume. In spite of his continued efforts to correct the issue, in the end Chris Quinn found a new provider and successfully migrated all our content over. The very few enquiries received about the non-availability of the website is perhaps an indication of how few people access it!

Looking to the future, there are four tasks that are currently being undertaken.

· As mentioned at the recent Council meeting, the feasibility of creating a parallel Online Quiz League is being investigated. Any views or comments to me will be gratefully received.

· The inevitable complaints and grumbles about the balance, content and consistency of our sets are ongoing. In comparison to the number of teams who play each week the number of grumbles is proportionally few. Does this mean that relatively few teams have problems with the sets or perhaps that a lot of teams accept the sets as they are and are happy for a quiz to drop through the letterbox once a week for a pleasant night out in the pub. Nonetheless a summary of the current situation with some suggestions for the future is currently being written and will be presented to Council in June.

· A project to create an MQL Obituary page on the MQL website is also underway.  It was felt that there needs to be some recognition of people who have been key in the history of MQL as it was appreciated that all cannot be remembered in the dedications of trophies or the naming of competitions. I hope that anyone who can contribute information to this will get in touch with me.

· Finally, a project to recognise the achievements of MQL players beyond Merseyside in radio, TV, national and international competitions is also planned.

The latter will hopefully include Karl Whelan, who back in November succeeded Graham Barker as BBC Radio 4 Brain of Britain champion.

My thanks, as always, go to fellow Council members and to everyone who contributes to the organisation of the MQL.

The current Vice-Presidents are
Brian Bates Angela Houghton Ray Oakes Brian Cunningham Cliff Houghton Bill Thomas Peter Deakin Dag Griffiths Jim McGrath John Wilson

6. Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer, Dag Griffiths, presented a financial statement for the season 2021-22.  Due to the strange nature of last season, some outgoings were yet to be made and some indeed would not be needed.  He reported a good financial situation and proposed that no increase to the £25 MQL subs was needed.  The statement had been audited by one of the auditors so far.

Auditors (appointed):                     Paul Davitt and David Hodgson.

7. Assistant General Secretary’s Report.  Assistant General Secretary, Cliff Houghton, reported that he had been joined in his responsibility for question distribution by Frances Mason.  Both said that the process was going smoothly with a few initial teething problems but that most problems were due to the Royal Mail.  He also added that it was the intention to resume anonymisation of sets for next season.  He explained this had not been possible for the current season due to the uncertainty regarding the starting date.

8. Election of Officers.  President, Angela Doyle took the chair for the election of the Chairman.  No other nominations having been received she proposed that Danny Grimes be the new Chairman.  This was carried unanimously.  Danny took the chair and proposed that in the absence of any notified changes the Officers be re-appointed en bloc. This was carried unanimously.

9. Proposals

The following proposals had been received

Proposed by General Secretary, Brian Thompson. 

Seconded by MCC Secretary Bill Thomas

Rule 3 from

A Council shall be appointed annually consisting of the following members: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Treasurer, together with one Council member from each constituent league plus a further member for each of ten teams within the constituent league.


A Council shall be appointed annually consisting of the following members: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Treasurer, together with one Council member from each constituent league plus a further member for each of ten teams or part thereof within the constituent league.


Proposed by David Hodgson of Rugby Hounds

Seconded by Dag Griffiths of Wings

Rule 3 Add.  The President and Question Distributors should be ex-officio members of Council

Rule 8 from.

All meetings to start at 8.00 p.m. (and no later than 8.30 p.m.) and should last no more than ninety minutes.


All meetings to start at 8.00 pm when held in person or 7.30 pm when held online, with an allowance of half an hour in each case and should last no more than ninety minutes.

Add.  The MQL Council will organise competitions for individuals, registered teams and representative teams between constituent leagues. Matches will take place on Wednesday nights according to a schedule provided at the start of the season. MQL will provide questions or arrange for their provision.

Each of the above proposals was accepted and passed unanimously.          

Proposed by Derek Moody of Bull’s Head

Seconded by Colin Foster of Hatton Coterie

Add.  No MQL member should use the MQL name and or resources, in any form to further personal interests.  MQL material that is placed in the public domain should carry the request that if used for any purpose then the MQL should be credited.          

The proposal was accepted and passed unanimously.

This then allowed clarification of Voting at Council and Annual General Meetings.  This was not an addition or alteration to MQL Rules but will be posted online as part of MQL Administration.


The Council (as of April 2022) consists of 25 votes by persons who must be present.  These are

5 Elected Officers (Chair, Dept Chair, Gen Sec, Asst Gen Sec, Treasurer).

3 ex-officio members (President, two Question Distributors)

5 Area Secretaries (or their appointed representative)

Plus, a person for each of ten teams or part thereof within the constituent leagues, which is currently.

3 Liverpool 27 teams

2 Ormskirk 17 teams

2 Southport & Formby 15 teams

2 Warrington 13 teams

3 Wirral 21 teams

A person cannot vote twice, for example the three Ormskirk votes have to be made by three different people.  No voting by proxy.

AGM for the Election of the Chairman

Every team represented at the meeting has one vote. 

President has the casting vote if necessary.

AGM thereafter

5 Elected Officers (Chair, Dept Chair, Gen Sec, Asst Gen Sec, Treasurer).

3 ex-officio members (President, two Question Distributors)

Every team represented at the meeting has one vote. 

A person cannot vote twice, for example an officer cannot vote on behalf of their team as well as their post.  No voting by proxy.

Therefore, the current (April 2022) Council comprises the following Elected and Ex Officio members:

Chairman:                                       Danny Grimes                   

Deputy Chairman:                           Cliff Houghton  
General Secretary:                           Brian Thompson              
Treasurer:                                       Dag Griffiths                                      

Deputy General Secretary:                Cliff Houghton  

Ex officio members are:

President:                                       Angela Doyle

Question Distributor:                      Cliff Houghton

Question Distributor:                      Frances Mason

The date for the 2023 AGM is Sunday 16th April.  The dates for the four required Council Meetings for the new season are

Sunday 11 September 2022

Sunday 11 December 2022

Sunday 26 March 2023

Sunday 25 June 2023

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and their support.  The meeting closed at 8.15pm.


Council for all matters

The Council (as of April 2022) consists of 25 votes by persons who must be present.  These are

• 5 Elected Officers (Chair, Dept Chair, Gen Sec, Asst Gen Sec, Treasurer).

• 3 ex-officio members (President, two Question Distributors)

• 5 Area Secretaries (or their appointed representative)

Plus, a person for each of ten teams or part thereof within the constituent leagues, which is currently.

• 3 Liverpool (which has 26 teams)

• 2 Ormskirk (which has 16 teams)

• 2 Southport & Formby (which has 14 teams)

• 2 Warrington (which has 13 teams)

• 3 Wirral (which has 21 teams)

A person cannot vote twice, for example the three Ormskirk votes have to be made by three different people.  No voting by proxy.

AGM for all matters including the Election of the Chairman

• Every team represented at the meeting has one vote. 

• President has the casting vote if necessary.