Merseyside Quiz Leagues

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All team secretaries will receive a list of the following Monday’s matches by email.  They should forward this to their team.  If you are a Self-Hosting* team it will contain contact details of your opposition.  Joining details should be sent to them by Friday at 7pm. and copied to Brian.  All other teams will join the main Meeting using the Codes and Links on the email.  The Home team will provide the QP and Scorer regardless of whether they are hosting.

(* in the event of two Self-Hosting teams playing each other, the email will state which will host.)


7.00pm  Questions will be sent to Team secretaries.  Home team secretaries should forward the set to their QP.  We have elected not to password protect the questions and rely on the care and discretion of teams to maintain the security of the set.

Download a scoresheet.

7.45pm  Meeting will open.  Players enter codes or use links to join the meeting.

Amend your name label to show your team name, your seat number and your first name (eg JUDGES 3 Bert or JUDGES QP).  Abbreviating your team name is fine as long as you all use the SAME abbreviation!  Spectators are welcome and they should relabel as well (eg JUDGES Spectator).

The process of allocation can take a little time and we ask for your patience.  You don’t need to sit at your device throughout but you must remain connected to the meeting.

Teams will be invited to join a Breakout Room, they accept the invitation and as soon as everyone is present then the quiz can begin.  Spectators should mute their microphones and turn off their video throughout the match.

If you find that you are in the wrong Room (it will happen occasionally) then DON’T leave the Room.  Please phone or email Brian and let him know. (


Match Rules

All usual MQL rules should be followed, but the home team should toss to decide who goes first.

Timings could be a little more generous to allow for technical problems, but no more than 15-10-10 seconds

Please handle queries over questions in the usual way and resolve at the time.


Once the match and the friendly (provided by the home team) have been completed, players can then leave the meeting as they wish.


Scoresheets should be sent as a scan or a photo to the Results Secretary, Brian Thompson ( that night or by 10.00am the following morning.


Please remember not to publish or discuss the questions on Social Media