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Merseyside Individual Challenge 2021

As you are aware quizzing in the 2020-21 season was cancelled in November.  To replace this season’s playing of the traditional Mimir, the following competition has been proposed.


  • Players will be drawn into groups of between 6 and 12.
  • That draw will also be used to put the players into a seating order.
  • In each round each player will be asked 1 question scoring 1 point if correct.
  • If passed or answered incorrectly, the question is offered as a bonus to other players.
  • A bonus attempt accepted and answered correctly scores 1 point and the attempt recorded.
  • If a bonus attempt is accepted but answered incorrectly the attempt is also recorded.
  • A bonus offer that is declined is not recorded.
  • A player’s seating position and bonus answering history determines the order in which they are offered a bonus attempt.  A Scoring App is used to work this out.
  • After 10 rounds the top scoring players qualify for another round played in the same way.
  • Each match could be officiated by 1 person; however a separate QP and Scorer are preferable.


  • The players are drawn randomly into 6 groups.
  • The top 5 players from each group are then placed into 3 groups of 10.  Seating position is drawn randomly.
  • The top 3 players from these three groups qualify for the Final. Seating position is drawn randomly.
  • The competition is played over 2 evenings.


The match dates are

  • Monday 10 May at 7.45pm
  • Monday 17 May at 7.30pm


The competition is open to players participating in any of the online competitions currently organised by the MQL or who were playing for an MQL team when the 2019-20 season was suspended last March.

First Round Results  (Monday 10 May)

Group A     Group B     Group C  
Jim Eccleson Wi 13   Darren Martin O 15   Mark Kerr L*** 12
Chris Quinn L 13   Charles Johnson O 13   Alan Thompson O 11
David Smith Wa 10   Danny Grimes L 12   Mike Montgomery Wi 11
Tom Farley S&F 9*   Paul Prior O 12   Peter Maddocks Wi 11
Cliff Houghton Wa 9*   Alan Wright S&F 10   Margaret Howe Wi 11
Derek Moody Wa 9   Christine Weston L 8   Pam Baker Wi 9
Graeme Jones L 8   Nathan Pace L 7   Derek Roberts S&F 8
Jon Stitcher Wi 8   James MacGregor L 7   Dave Twigge S&F 7
Bill Thomas S&F W/D   Allan Hoy Wa** 4   Keith Mulhearn S&F 7
* after tiebreaker     **lost communication midway      ***unable to play next week  
Group D     Group E     Group F  
Pat Gibson O 12   Jamie Hall Wa 12   John Hall Wa 14
Steve Lomas Wi 10*   Neil Macaskill S&F 12   Peter Dixon L 13
Dag Griffiths S&F 10*   Jack Gardner S&F 12   John McLoughlin L 11
Alan Gibbs O 10*   Karl Whelan L 11   Stuart Scholes L 11
Rod Moore L 10*   Frank Smith L 9*   Mike Unsworth O 9
John Wilson O*** 10*   Gary Grant O*** 9*   Bob Parry S&F 7
Joe  Campbell L 10   Mike Berry S&F 2   Angela Doyle L 7
Dave Trent Wi 6   Colin Foster Wa W/D   David Williams S&F 6
* after tiebreaker     * after tiebreaker        
***unable to play next week     ***unable to play next week        

Semi-Final Results  (Monday 17 May)

Alan Gibbs O 14   Dag Griffiths S&F 14   Derek Moody Wa 15
John Hall Wa 12   Peter Dixon L 11   Darren Martin O 15
Pat Gibson O 12   Chris Quinn L 10*   Pam Baker Wi 12
Charles Johnson O 11   Rod Moore L 10   Jamie Hall Wa 9
Karl Whelan L 10   David Smith Wa 10   Steve Lomas Wi 8
Frank Smith L 8   Mike Unsworth O 9   Jack Gardner S&F 8
Alan Wright S&F 7   Paul Prior O 9   Jim Eccleson Wi 7
Mike Montgomery Wi 7   Neil Macaskill S&F 8   Stuart Scholes L 7
John McLoughlin L 7   Peter Maddocks Wi 8   Alan Thompson O 6
Danny Grimes L 6   Tom Farley S&F 8   Margaret Howe Wi 6

Final Result  (Monday 17 May)

Pat Gibson O 14
John Hall Wa 12
Alan Gibbs O 11
Darren Martin O 11
Derek Moody Wa 10
Dag Griffiths S&F 8
Peter Dixon L 7
Pam Baker Wi 7
Chris Quinn L 5

The sets used on 17 May can be accessed here Semi-Final and Final