Merseyside Quiz Leagues

The World's Largest Independent Quiz Leagues

The MCC is the main competition for teams across the whole of the MQL.  It is initially played in groups before progressing to a later knockout stage.  In recent years there have been 3 Wednesday evening games, one per month in October, November and December before teams move into Quarter and Semi finals of the main Cup or Plate competitions in February and March.  Every team will play at least 4 matches (and more if successful) on the usual 2 attempt format used in League matches, but with tie breaking extra rounds if needed.

The MCC provides one of the few opportunities to meet and play against teams from all over Merseyside.  Admittedly some of these teams can be quite formidable but on the whole both the Cup and especially the Plate matches remain very competitive.

  1. Entry to the Merseyside Challenge Cup is open to any teams registered as members of the MQL subject to Rule 36 of the MQL. The initial stage of the competition shall be played on a league basis. Each league shall consist of no more than four teams, the composition of such leagues to be decided by Council.
  2. All MQL matches are to be played using the 2 attempt format.
  3. Players should be players in the Merseyside Quiz League.  A team who wish to include any other player must seek permission from the Competition Secretary.  If this is not done then the game, when played, may be forfeit.
  4. Each team shall play against the other teams in its league on dates and at venues to be decided by Council and in accordance with MQL Rules. Rule 36 applies to any team failing to fulfill a fixture.
  5. At the completion of the leagues, teams will go forward to the knockout stages of the Merseyside Challenge Cup or the Plate Competition. The normal rules for knockout competitions under MQL auspices will then apply. Teams failing to fulfill any fixture in the initial stage of the competition without good reason will, if necessary, be excluded from participating in the Plate Competition.
  6. Positions within the league will be determined on the basis of points gained, cumulative points difference and where two teams are level, on the result of the match between those teams in the league. Should no decision still be reached the result shall be achieved by the drawing of lots. Forfeited fixtures will be allocated an appropriate notional match score by the Competition Secretary.
  7. It is the responsibility of the WINNING TEAM to forward the match score sheet to the Competition Secretary within three days of the match. Failure to do so will render the winning team, liable to penalties under Rule 32. Such penalties are likely to include the offending team having to play away from home in the next round of the competition.
  8. Each constituent league may be required to supply one or two ten round question sets, as specified by the Competition Secretary. Each set must be sent to the Competition Secretary a minimum of two weeks before the round in which it is due to be played. The Competition Secretary has the right to require the rewriting of any or part of any set which is deemed unsuitable. In the event of the Competition Secretary being involved in one of the teams participating in the Competition, these tasks will be delegated to a colleague from a team not involved in the competition.
  9. Teams failing to conform to the rules of the competition will be liable to such penalty at the MQL Council deems necessary.