Merseyside Quiz Leagues

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  • Entry into MQL Online is available to any current or former member of the MQL.  A team who wish to include any other player must seek permission from the Competition Secretary.  If this is not done then the game, when played, may be forfeit.
  • Matches of 4v4 using current MQL rules and the 2 attempt format.
  • There is no subscription fee, but each team will submit a conventional set of questions with 8 rounds of 8 questions and 4 spares using the MQLOnline Word template.  This is available to download here.
  • (see Question Setting)
  • For Season 3, this set should be with the Questions Secretary by 14 May 2021.
  • Matches will be played on Monday evenings using the Zoom video platform.  A team may choose to be a Self-Hosting team or a Breakout team.
  • As the name suggests, Self Hosting teams host the match themselves regardless of whether they are the home or the away team.  A weekly email will always indicate who is hosting.
  • Breakout teams join the main meeting (hosted by MQL) and are allocated to a 'room' in which to play their opponents.
  • Questions will be distributed by email to the nominated contact of the home team.
  • The home team will provide a question person (QP) and a scorer (could be a player)
  • A scoresheet can be downloaded from the MQL site here.
  • 4 points will be awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 point for a defeat by 4 points or fewer.  Score difference will be used as a further discriminator.
  • The Registration Secretary is Paul Davitt (
  • The Competition / Results Secretary is Brian Thompson (
  • The Questions Secretary is Cliff Houghton (
  • Handicap Knockout (Season 2 only)
  • Once the league fixtures are completed there will be a handicap knockout tournament that will consist of a Main and a Plate competition.  Handicaps will be calculated on scores in league weeks 1 to 8 and a random draw will be made.  The Plate will take the losing teams in the Preliminary Round and the four losing teams from the First Round with the smallest losing margin.
  • Each set will have 2 extra rounds and a tie break question.  If Round 9 is used, revert to Round 1 playing order and swap if Round 10 is needed.  If still tied, ask the tie breaker question and then ask each team to a nominate a player to answer.  They write their answer and display it on screen.
  • A 10 round scoresheet can be downloaded from the MQL site here.



If you are familiar with using Zoom …

  • You will be used to receiving invitations to join meetings. 
  • For MQL Online the invitation will be sent to the nominated contact of each team. 
  • It is the responsibility of the nominated contact to pass the invitation onto their team members.
  • Once teams have joined the meeting it is the responsibility of the contact to have their team members edit their label into the form TEAM-SEAT No-NAME.
  • Teams may choose to host their own matches using Zoom or to join the main meeting and be allocated to Breakout Rooms with their opponents to play their match.


If you are unfamiliar with using Zoom …

  • Zoom is a video sharing application for hosting meetings, conferences and, in our case, quizzes!
  • You need a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) that has a microphone, camera and an internet connection
  • The organiser (the host) will schedule a meeting.  They will then send out invitations by email to teams to join this meeting.
  • To join a meeting you must

o either download the Zoom App onto your device, open the App and enter the meeting identification code and the meeting password contained in the invitation

o or click on the link contained in the invitation

  • Once teams have joined a meeting it is the responsibility of the contact to have their team members edit their label (the text under their onscreen image) into the form TEAM-SEAT No-NAME.  This is like being given a name badge and writing in your own name and who you represent! 
  • Once in the main meeting, teams will be allocated to Breakout Rooms with their opponents and can then play their match.  This is like being sent off to smaller rooms from the main meeting.


On Match Nights (see also Weekly Routine)

  • At about 7pm the nominated contact of the HOME team will receive the question set by email.
  • These questions will NOT be password protected. 
  • The contact will then send the email onto the QP who will open it and the attached quiz.
  • The QP may

o need to be comfortable with reading the questions on the same device that they will use for the Zoom (e.g. they are happy to toggle between screens, have a large screen that can show both quiz and Zoom simultaneously, etc.)

o use 2 devices, one from which to read the questions and one for the Zoom meeting

o prefer to printout the questions as hard copy

  • The Meeting will open at 7.45pm with the intention of having all teams allocated to Breakout Rooms and underway by 8.30pm although please start as soon as everyone has arrived and is ready.
  • Results in the form of a photographed or scanned scoresheet should be sent to the Results Secretary on the night or by 10am the following day
  • The home team would usually provide a friendly quiz as they would in a ‘face to face’ quiz.


Match Etiquette

  • A few folk have mentioned the matter of using phones and other devices during matches.  While a quiz is in progress apply the same rules as you would if you were playing face to face. 

o Don’t use your device to take calls (other than in an emergency), answer texts or emails or use things like sports score line apps.

o Don’t look up stuff at any time unless sanctioned by both captains and the QP. 

o Close books and papers or put them away and

o Don’t sit where you can see your Periodic Table, wallchart of English Kings or Map of the World!!

o Usual MQL timings will apply with a little latitude for any technical difficulties.

  • Please just be sensible, don’t do anything, however innocent, to give your opponents any grounds to be concerned.  Remember we are quizzing for fun!
  • We are trying to minimise the number of sets required by trading and swapping with other Leagues and Competitions, so please DO NOT publish the question sets online nor make reference to them on social media.  (See Player Conduct below)



Zoom Etiquette

  • There are some small etiquettes that need to be observed in using Zoom for quizzing.

o Don’t speak or make a noise while the question is being read. This interrupts the QP’s microphone!

o Don’t talk or mutter to yourself about the answer. Everyone will hear you!

o Indicate clearly to your Captain with the usual hand signals that you wish to answer.

o Wait until nominated to answer.

o Usual MQL timings will apply with a little latitude for any technical difficulties.


Also if you’ve not used Zoom before

  • Try to position your camera so that your face is well lit.
  • Don’t position your camera with a bright light source (a lamp or ceiling light or a window) in shot behind you.
  • Try to position your camera to give a head and shoulders shot.  Devices placed too close can distort the image and the sound.  Sadly, close-ups are rarely flattering!
  • When you speak or make a noise, you cut out everyone else’s microphone.
  • Try and be in a quiet room.  The microphone picks up all sounds from a TV set, running water to distant conversations and birdsong!
  • Consider wearing head or earphones if you have them.  This can improve the sound quality.

Player Conduct

  • Any published matters, including press, radio, TV, internet and social media, concerning quiz teams and individual members must not contain any comment or statement capable of causing offence or embarrassment. Matches may not be recorded without the express permission of the Competition Secretary.  The only circumstances in which a recording might be made would be to promote the competition and in which case the Secretary would seek the individual permissions from all involved. Questions must not be published or discussed on social media. MQL has the right to impose appropriate sanctions on teams or individuals who contravene these rules.